Graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts (Languages) in performance studies, Tiffany’s directing credits include Ching Chong Chinaman (Slanted Theatre), Intersection: Unleashed – development reading (ATYP & SUDS), Trial By Jury,  As You Like It, and Jack, or the Submission (Impresario’s Players), and Assistant Director to Lucy Clements, Iphigenia In Splott (New Ghosts Theatre Company).

Ching Chong Chinaman (2021)

for Slanted Theatre

“It’s a funny and wise play which flips, and flips often, the stereotypes and tropes of Asian-Americans and Slanted Theatre has done a cracking good job of bringing it to the stage.

While this production was still finding its feet on opening night, there is a bedrock of hard work and talent which fills the wide stage with a wonderful sense of fun.  It’s an hilarious script, until there’s a serious point to be made, and this cast are a very funny lot.   There are content warnings about ‘racism and racial slurs, examples of cultural appropriation, references to fertility/pregnancy/childbirth’ which is an indicator of the thematic depth of the piece. 

Director Tiffany Wong has mitigated the episodic nature of Ching Chong Chinaman by using some of the pin-point skill of her cast to bring on a scene quickly and fully ready.  There are also some comic interventions, such as disembodied hands with cans delivering props.

The evident work is also in the set for the production.  There’s some cute details to be noted, look out for the toilet paper stash.  That’s if you have the time… 

Ching Chong Chinaman moves at quite a pace as the family secrets are uncovered and the character’s lives take some unexpected turns to allow each person to come to terms with themself.  From the name onward the play and the production has a sit-com’s laughs and a dramedy’s provocations to take away with you.” – Reviews By Judith

Iphigenia in Splott (2020)

for New Ghosts Theatre Company

Assistant Director to Lucy Clements

Coloured Aliens (2020)

for Slanted Theatre x Bondi Festival



Trial By Jury (2019)

for the Impresario’s Players

Photographs courtesy of Freia Kirkaldy (dress rehearsal) & Nathan Taplin (closing night)

As You Like It (2019)

for the Impresario’s Players

Photographs courtesy of Valeria Villanueva

Jack, or the Submission (2019)

for the Impresario’s Players

Photographs courtesy of Freia Kirkaldy (dress rehearsal) & Cole Scott-Curwood (opening night)

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