Music has always been a huge part of my life – I started playing the piano at a young age because I saw my cousin, a concert pianist in London, at her recital. I have an AMusA Diploma in Piano, and have ventured into ukulele as Your Resident Ukulele Girl, conducting and teaching violin, cello, flute and percussion (although I don’t officially play all those instruments, I have had to learn quickly).

Career highlights include:

  • Performing in the ensemble of Atlas in the Sky at Sydney Festival
  • Performing on the 56th year of Victoriana!
  • Performing on the Steinway piano in the City Recital Hall
  • As Your Resident Ukulele Girl performing at the AMSA Global Health Conference and the University of Sydney’s Welcome Week

Some of My Favourite Photos

Atlas In The Sky

Sydney Festival

Speak Percussion

Victoriana! The 56th Season

Directed by Peter Cousens

At the Concert Hall, The Concourse

Your Resident Ukulele Girl

At the Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre

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