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I’m Tiffany – I’m still pretty new to the theatre industry but I often get asked about my experience and opinions! I should flag, I am by no means an authority figure (and can point you to some) but for now, here are my thoughts.

On Acting vs. Directing

“They’re essentially the same thing– they’re all about creating a world. Acting is more about creating a world for yourself and directing is more about creating a world for other people. For example, creating a world for your cast, and your team. On the other hand, directing is all about bringing people together and forContinue reading “On Acting vs. Directing”

On My Journey Into Directing

Had things gone to an earlier plan, Tiffany Wong would be at the United Nations in New York City working as an interpreter. “That’s what I really wanted to be,” Wong says. “I was studying languages at uni. I went on exchanges to Taipei and France. But when I got back, I realised my languageContinue reading “On My Journey Into Directing”

On The Theatrical Canon

“We don’t see any Asian work from that period – or from any other time in the 20th Century, really. There’s a lot of Asian work being made now, but plays like this are the predecessors.” “What do the Asian plays of periods other than our own look like?” In Australia, knowledge of Asia’s theatrical canonContinue reading “On The Theatrical Canon”

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