Hi there! I’m Tiffany Wong

I’m an actor living and working in Sydney, Australia.

I’m an actor living and working in Sydney, Australia.


I graduated from the University of Sydney with a triple major – one of which was theatre & performance studies – and the university experience gave me the opportunity to act and also expand into directing! I completed the Actors Residency at NIDA and now am studying the Hagen process with ActTrue via Zoom as the school is based in Miami!

2020 started with a bang! I appeared in an ensemble-work in Sydney Festival which is probably the biggest festival I’ve appeared in – I’ve also previously acted in Sydney Comedy Festival and Sydney Fringe. I’ve also performed with Sydney University’s Dramatic Society, UTS Backstage, Impresario’s Players, USYD Womn’s and Commerce Revue and Ryde Youth Theatre.


As a musician, I performed as Your Resident Ukulele Girl performed at AMSA Global Health Conference and various university events.

I teach drama and music to younger, primary-school aged students. I play the piano to a high-level but am actually teaching violin and cello at the moment which I’ve been learning simultaneously.

I have degrees in Mandarin Chinese and in French, which I’ve been brushing up on recently as I don’t speak a non-English language at home.

In isolation, I’ve also been working on my kung fu and been one of those typical girls trying to roller skate – both of which have been quite succesful.

Jessica: agent@archermanagement.com.au // Me: tiffanywongtw@hotmail.com

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