On My Journey Into Directing

Had things gone to an earlier plan, Tiffany Wong would be at the United Nations in New York City working as an interpreter.

“That’s what I really wanted to be,” Wong says. “I was studying languages at uni. I went on exchanges to Taipei and France. But when I got back, I realised my language skills were never going to be good enough.”

A different kind of interpretation work soon beckoned.

When Wong was in her final year at the University of Sydney, she was asked to direct a play as a community-building project in a new student accommodation unit.

“I’d done some acting but had never directed anything,” Wong says. “We ended up doing As You Like It with an 80s prom theme. I loved the sense of bringing everyone together.”

“Now I see the director as an interpreter,” Wong says. “I always try to imagine what it is the writer wants to say to the audience.”

Tackling tokenism head-on (Audrey Journal) – November 2021

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