Review: As You Like It

  • Watching a hearty show from the new College on the block.
  • This reimagined version from the recently formed Impresario’s Player’s theatrical group was a feelgood show filled with song, dance and chuckles.
  • In the director’s note, Tiffany Wong wrote that she was inspired to put on the play after finding out that we laugh at Shakespeare because we think we should, not because we actually find him humorous. Wong wanted to change this in her directorial debut.
  • As You Like It was a testament to the magic of student productions. It was an amateur show with a largely inexperienced cast — it was clear everyone had put their hand up for an exciting new opportunity, and as a result, their hearts and souls made the atmosphere infectious. It’s what gave As You Like It its uninhibited, endearing charm.
  • The dedication and hard work of the cast, crew and exec was clear from the first line. Yes, it was clumsy at times and had a few teething problems, but as far as first shots go, they scored high. With time and confidence, the Grad House’s Impresario Player’s group could give SUDS a bit of healthy competition.


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