Stage: Caligula


Role: Helicon

Cast: Fin Casey, Declan Coyle, Serena Dalton, Sarah Doyle, Niamh Gallagher, Courtney Henson, Sasha Meaney, Nina Mountford, James Mukheibir, Nicole Pingon, Lillian Smith, Campbell Taylor, Margaret Thanos, Caitlin Williams, Selina Williamson, Tiffany Wong

Director – Jess Zlotnick / Producer – Jodi Rabinowitz / Assistant Director – Lincoln Gidney / Assistant Producer – Qingping Ji / Dramaturg – Nicole Charalambous / Set Designer – Emily Henderson / Assistant Set Designer – Camille Karski / Costume Designers – Jake Parker & Jake Starr / Make Up Artist – Dani Maher / Make Up Assistant – Tess Williams / Sound / Designer – Henry Hulme / Composer – Laura Heuston / Lighting Designer – Alex Smiles / Stage Manager – Charlie Breene / Stage Hand – Sarah Jasem / Photography – Jake Starr / Graphic Design – Fergus Berney-Gibson


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